Creating Marketing Communication Pieces for Artists

I have been selling several pieces of my optimism art so I am working on some new pieces. People seem to want a little piece of optimism they can hold on to these days. A few people have even bought them as gifts.

Learn from yesterday . . .

Learn from yesterday . . .

Creating Marketing Communication Pieces for Artists
As artists we are selling a product. There are many ways to go about this. Most of us (including myself) have been so involved in creating art that we have given very little thought to marketing our product. Some have gone a step further and put artwork in galleries, local art festivals, shows, and competitions.

We may or may not have communication pieces about ourselves and our artwork but if we do they are put together with little thought to an actual marketing strategy. If we have marketing pieces such as artist bios, business cards, postcards, blogs or websites there is no common thread between them.

All successful companies have an image that is conveyed in all of their marketing pieces. Companies spend a lot of money and time developing just the right image and feel for their company communication. It may start with a company logo but it also includes typefaces, images, colors, backgrounds, and slogans just to name a few. There is a lot of psychology involved in developing their look and feel. We all recognize their television commercials even before they give their company name or display their logo.

As artists most of us do not have the time or money to invest in developing our marketing image but we can still develop a consistent look for all the different communication pieces we use.

The question then is “How do we find the look that fits us?”
Look at your artwork:
Are there colors that are used regularly?
Is there common subject matter?
What is your art style?

Find a typeface that reflects your art style. You may have to try on a few before  you find the one that works for you and you may need help from someone who is more experienced with computers and graphic design.

Find a color palette for your communication pieces. This palette may be very similar to your painting palette.

Find a piece or two of your artwork that exemplifies your work that can be used on your communication pieces.

Just a few small steps can pull your marketing image together and create a consistent professional image for all of your marketing pieces.

Gloria Heifner


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  1. i love your insights. would you be interested to share your insights. I would like you to check out the great marketing tips that is posted today on meylah.

    • Courtney,
      Thank you. I would love to share my insights. I’m so glad you find them useful.
      I did check out your blog. It is very nice. Very professional looking.

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