More Optimism Art in Progress

It’s another Monday.
I hope all of the Mother’s reading this had a wonderful Mother’s Day. Mine was nice. I got to see my son and he gave me a Bonnie Raitt CD. Not only is she one of my favorites but he actually had the surreal pleasure of getting to meet her last week when he did stage setup for her show. That means I am one step from Bonnie Raitte! How cool is that?

I did not write any posts over the weekend but I did start on my next piece of Optimism Art. My viewers are such a talkative bunch that I did not get any comments voting on the quotes I asked to be selected from but I did receive a few comments via email.

The quote I will be using is quote #2. I set it up using my word processing program (mine is Pages on my Mac computer) and using the following steps.

  1. Insert a text box
  2. Type in the quote.
  3. Format the text.
    • *I made the first letter of the quote bigger so it would stand out and I left the    name of the person being quoted in a small italic san serif typeface.
  4. Flip the text box horizontally (this will make the text wrong reading).
  5. Print the document on vellum with black ink.

When the printed vellum is flipped over to the back side the quote will be right reading as in the photo below.


I painted an 8”x10” canvas board with black and purple acrylic giving it a bit of a mottled look. When it dried I drew my basic shapes on using white conte crayon and started adding in some color using an medium red, yellow, and purple acrylic. Below is an image showing where the painting is so far.

Let me know what you think. I’m anxious to receive some comments on my blog.


By the way another thing I did accomplish this weekend is getting my own website up and running. Just click on Gloria Heifner’s Gallery in the right hand column under blogroll and it will open my website for you.
I still need to work on it some more. I do not have pages set up for my mixed media, charcoal, pencil work or links yet, so if you click on those you will get an error page, but everything else should be working.
The thing about this web site that is really exciting for me is I built it all myself using html, which I learned from a class I took earlier this year. I hope you like it.

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